Measures taken by Hotel Colón Rambla COVID-19

Please find below some of the most relevant measures taken by Hotel Colón Rambla in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections:

  • Textile decorative items in the rooms (cushions, bed scarves,…)  have been taken off. Though this measure might turn the rooms less stylish, Health authorities recommend it so as to minimize infection risks
  • After every check-out, the hotel proceeds to the disinfection of the room with viricide products
  • Textiles are cleaned following health authorities advise on water temperature to reach their disinfection
  • To prevent clients contact with food, cutlery and crockery,  an assisted service is in place for breakfast
  • Floor tapes have been placed in common areas to encourage social distancing, as well as alcohol-based hand rub dispensers
  • Clients temperature is checked at check-in
  • Shoe soles disinfectant mats at the hotel entrance
  • The use of masks is mandatory for any person in common areas
  • There are signs on lifts which advise on how to used then to prevent COVID infections
  • Suppliers must hand over any goods to the hotel staff at the delivery point, so as to prevent them from entering the hotel
  • Ventilation of common areas, and of rooms after any check-out

In addition to these measures, all staff must follow the specific COVID guidelines within the department they work, as well as all disinfection actions are registered on a daily basis